Guest Post: Karen L. Johnson

This Saturday, April 25th 12-4  Princeton Public Library. REVIVE is the theme of  


Come to be inspired by local successes, perspectives, and visions with impact beyond our corner of the globe

REVIVE Volunteerism
REVIVE Science Education
REVIVE Oneself
REVIVE Local Businesses
REVIVE Homeland
REVIVE Global Climate
REVIVE Brilliance
REVIVE Athletes
REVIVE Advocacy
REVIVE with Performances

What questions are we not asking, or what questions could we ask differently

to trigger a different response and to make a change to issues in the world?

Come this Saturday, April 25th – noon to 4 – at Princeton Public Library.

Here’s the link to reserve your spot and join in

exploration and inspiration.

Hope to see you there!

Karen L. Johnson

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