This is another one of those “uh DUH” moments for parents who know, instinctively, that it’s important to respond to their baby’s very whim.

Lauren Emberson, who joins the Princeton University faculty this fall, is proving that learning-induced expectations will change the brains of infants just five months old. 

But will all that attention from sleep weary moms and dads — will it produce optimists?

3 thoughts on “Raising an Optimist?

    1. Yes, in all the remembering about babies from so long ago (my youngest is 45!) I did forget to welcome Dr. Emberson. Here’s hoping she finds just the right house in this pricey town.

  1. Ah, yes, the pursuit of science to verify folk wisdom, remedies and old wives’ tales. Of course, it’s not all right or wrong, and I love science (I spent 30 years in R&D). But sometimes I wish people would just take our (moms’) word for it and spend the research $$ on feeding children or promoting peace.

    My favorite one was the research that proves babies grow overnight. Didn’t they ever try to put a onesie on a baby who fit it in yesterday?

    We have a new kitten, 8 weeks old, so I am rediscovering things I already knew.

    Love your blog…Lorette

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