The White House’s ‘Letter Underground’

Fiona Reeves, photo by Damon Winter

“Fiona Reeves was in her early 30s, unadorned, the kind of person who wore her professionalism earnestly: a well-practiced posture, a sensible maroon dress, sensible flats. You could imagine her becoming dean of a really hard liberal-arts college one day. She grew up in a house loud with conversation about the way government works — her father is the presidential historian Richard Reeves. She had wanted a career in publishing, not politics. She went to Duke, studied public policy and African and African-American studies, and then came Obama.”

Reeves is a Duke alumna, which is why I get to refer to this article on this blog because I am as well. She was in charge of the Office of Presidential Correspondence (OPC), described in this New York Tunes article by Jeanne Marie Laskas. It will stick with you, like the letters the OPC compiled for Obama. Read it and be glad for the Obama years.

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