Merrie Landers: Girl Scouts to Europe


Here’s a wonderful piece by Margarita Cambest in the Towson Times, a Baltimore Sun newspaper, about my Girl Scout troop, the Merrie Landers, and our 1957 10-week trip to Europe.  A memorable moment in time.  I’m in the first row, far right, in both pictures. Fashion note that Cambest included: we camped in Girl Scout uniform dresses. We weren’t allowed to wear pants.

beth girls DSC04668

4 thoughts on “Merrie Landers: Girl Scouts to Europe

  1. I enjoyed reading this article as I was briefly a member of that troop. I remember you, Barbara, as we occasionally walked to Towson High together in the morning. In November of 10th grade we moved back to Baltimore City and I graduated from Eastern High School. I had lunch today with Barbara Robbins Venable today and I showed her the article. She said Eleanor Eschmann went on the trip. I lived across the street from Eleanor on Dixie Drive in Towson. I can’t identify her in the picture.
    Ironically, I was researching my family’s history when this article popped up on my screen. It had to be fate!!!!
    Lynda Houston Walker

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