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Merrie Landers: Girl Scouts to Europe


Here’s a wonderful piece by Margarita Cambest in the Towson Times, a Baltimore Sun newspaper, about my Girl Scout troop, the Merrie Landers, and our 1957 10-week trip to Europe.  A memorable moment in time.  I’m in the first row, far right, in both pictures. Fashion note that Cambest included: we camped in Girl Scout uniform dresses. We weren’t allowed to wear pants.

beth girls DSC04668


Frances S. Meginnis, age 95

frances bill

A beloved high school English teacher, Frances Shores Meginnis, died at the age of 95. She gave me some low grades in English composition, which let me know, appropriately, that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was. As one student recalled, “You quickly realized she was asking you to be better than you were, and there were lots of challenges.”

Her obituary was featured in the Baltimore Sun (among the few remaining newspapers that honors the art of good obituaries).

There’s more to her story, regarding the Fox family. But for now, here is the account of her amazing life.