Floyd, Landis, Venturi, Chavooshian, Berman, Trego, Hamilton, Wadsworth…

So many of these folks I knew, either from interviewing them, or from being acquainted with their spouses and children.

They are profiled in the current edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper, honoring those who died in 2018.

I’m so glad about that. When I was working there, our New Year’s edition merely compiled the printed wisdom from the previous year. Remembering people is more meaningful, and I hope the tradition continues.

Among the artists, activists — and, yes, captains of business — that i remember with special warmth are…

James Floyd

Robert Venturi

Alan Landis

Marge Chavooshian

Ron Berman

James Hamilton

William Trego

Ray Wadsworth.

Richard K. Rein offered his own list of the departed, people who had influenced his policies for the paper. Dick Hagy was the character that I remember. If you want to work for Rein, or to sell him something, you would do well to read that column. 

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