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Lyle Menendez: From his prison cell

Lyle Menendez in 2005 

ABC Prime Time (tonight, 1/5 at 9 pm) will air a two hour special about Princeton’s celebrity murder case — Lyle and Erik Menendez’s murder of their parents in Beverly Hills. 


The Mendendez brothers grew up in Princeton. Lyle went to Princeton University but was suspended for cheating on a paper.They owned what is now Chuck’s Spring Street Cafe. The brothers later testified they were motivated by abuse by their father.

Larry Tabak, who had been the brothers’ tennis coach, wrote a long article for  U.S. 1 Newspaper on June 13, 1990. Though referenced in this story, it preceded our publishing everything online and is not now available on line. Later our images were used in a book and a cable TV special.

Tonight ABC has words from Lyle, from prison. I will be eager to see what new material has been revealed.


Chuck’s Cafe in the Limelight Again

According to the New York Times today, the Menendez brothers will be featured in a true crime series next season.

NBC is developing a “Law and Order” true crime series (the first season is based on the Menendez brothers).

Those of us who were here at the time remember that the brothers owned the Buffalo wing eater on Spring Street. Will attention increase business? Somebody’s going to make money on this story. Again.