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Please keep the ribollita

John Marshall, son of the founder Sue Simpkins, is cashing out the family stake in Main Street Cafe and Bistro, which has two eateries and a catering kitchen. I remember interviewing Simpkins when she opened in Kingston and talking to her and Marshall over the years, including for an elicited oped page.

Sara Hastings of U.S. 1  wrote about Main Street for its Clocktower Bar and it was covered by food critic Pat Tanner for outdoor dining and a friendly bar.

As Planet Princeton says here,  both the Cafe in Kingston and the Bistro at Princeton Shopping Center are staples here in Princeton, just as flour and cinnamon are staples in a kitchen. The Bistro is our family’s “go to eatery,” the dining equivalent to comfort food. Here’s hoping the ribollita and the chili don’t change.