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Rita Gunther McGrath: Jet lag results from travel privilege


Reporters often quote Rita Gunther McGrath on business topics, but her picture is in the New York Times today, in a front business page article, on the topic of jet lag.

Joan Raymond reports: “Jet lag has always been an issue for me,” says Ms. McGrath, who has been a business traveler for more than two decades and has dealt with itineraries that take her from New York to New Zealand to Helsinki to Hong Kong all within a matter of days. Raymond describes some of the supposed remedies.

The Princeton Regional Chamber hosted McGrath twice, most recently in 2010 on the topic of safe company growth, headlined in U.S. 1 Newspaper as “Avoiding Fabulous Flops and Epic Embarrassments.”

Shown above in Bryan Anselm’s photo, unpacking from a trip in her Princeton Junction home, McGrath has the last word in the NYT story:

“What we all need to remember is that we are incredibly privileged to be able to cross time zones so rapidly,” she said. “Plus, when I get home from a business trip and say something stupid, I just blame the jet lag. That’s good for about three days.”