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Finding your ender: Here’s help


Tabernacle by sculptor Adam Kraft at St. Lorenz Kirche in Nurnberg.

Good writers supposedly know how they will end an article before they start. Enders were always my burden (as in this gratuituous photo of a 15th=century stone sculptor). 

From Medium, here is extensive help, by Jason Shen, filed for my personal  use and perhaps useful to you.

How Great Writers End Their Articles: What you can learn from the final paragraphs of 100 top feature articles from Malcolm Gladwell, the Atlantic, Fast Company, and the New York Times

Here is how to write an op ed piece, a la the Financial Times. The only Princeton connection was, I found it on the website of the Princeton University Press. It’s good for memoir writing or just plain writing.

“If any like-minded person could have written your piece then assume someone has.”