Many a Heartwarming Story at Eden

Many a heartwarming story lies behind Eden Institute’s launch of a $7 million capital campaign tonight, April 30. Of that, $4 million will go to the sorely needed new school on University-owned land in Princeton Forrestal Center,  and $3 million to set up an endowment fund to bridge the gap between what the state provides for adults with autism and the services that Eden provides.

Grateful parents turned out in force for this launch, and here is the link to some photos. The last photo shows just one of the success stories. It pictures one of the Eden staff members, Marge Brooks, a mother (Marge Schwallie) whose son is an adult client at Eden, and her son’s employer, Esther Ludwig, the manager of the warehouse in Monroe. What a happy outcome. 

Top photo, L to R: Carol Knights, Christopher Tarr, David Knights, and Ed & Marge Schwallie. 
Bottom photo: Melissa Tenzer of Careers USA, Jason Frede of Tacony Partners, and Bob Petrochi. 
Eden’s next big event is the 15th annual lecture series on Friday, June 5, at Princeton University, a full day event costing $75 including lunch. Christopher Walsh of Children’s Hospital Boston will speak on Genome Wide and World Wide Searches for Autism Genes. Peter C. Mundy of the M.I.N.D. Institute will present Linking Neurodevelopment, Social Symptoms, and Early Intervention in Autism. And Timothy Roberts of Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia will cover Electrophysiological Signatures of Language Impairment in Autism. Register online at
The new building, designed by KSS’s Marilee Meacock and the Eden staff, will have a complete miniature WaWa to train future employees and is supposed to be finished by 2010. For all those working in the old former telephone building, that can’t come too soon. Here’s how to donate to the campaign, and here’s where to get info on hiring Eden’s adult clients.

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