Once a reporter, always a reporter

In case you missed the NYT business section on Monday, a bunch of Star Ledger journalists are doing just what Richard Bilotti, ex publisher of the Times of Trenton, predicted would happen: Having lost their jobs, they couldn’t stop being reporters, so they set up shop in a library and started a website, www.newjerseynewsroom.com.

Bilotti forecasted this at a Princeton Chamber meeting last spring and I thought “It’ll never work, what will they live on.” But what it’s doing, it’s keeping their brand alive. As “star reporters” they keep current with their sources and their readers. (They are also looking for real jobs, as are most of the experienced staffers at the Times of Trenton, a sister paper of the Star Ledger.)
Support them! Go online and click on any ads you see. As for the print editions of any of the newspapers around here (including the Times of Trenton and of course my own favorite, U.S. 1) it helps to mention, to an advertiser, that you saw it in print. Can’t hurt, might help.

1 thought on “Once a reporter, always a reporter

  1. This is interesting and I gave it a thorough look. Most of it is just gathering into one place news from other sources (Fox NY, NJ.com). There isn't a lot of original reporting it would seem. That said, it does mimic what is happening out there. The creation of quick funnels, if you will, to news from a variety of sources. Of course, the "authors" chose what to put in the big end of the funnel for our digestion at the little end. I like having a place to go for NJ news …..Iona Harding

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