Jogging Our Memories

I’m not one to bring up the subject of memory, painful as it is to my age group. But Ed Cooke, dubbed the Grandmaster of Memory and a columnist for the London Times, has co-founded a business that supposedly improves your memory, and he’s giving a public lecture on Wednesday, June 17, 8 p.m., at Betts Auditorium (the architecture department at Princeton University), Room N-101. Last year Cooke’s book “Remember, Remember” was published by Penguin and he is somewhat of a celebrity in memory circles. He and Princeton grad student Greg Detre have founded, “an online learning platform that helps you memorize words, facts and relationships inhumanly fast,” according to Detre.

Before I forget, Rev. Peter Stimson, director of Trinity Counseling Service, will speak on “A Map to Happiness: Straightforward Advice on Everyday Issues,” at the Princeton Chamber’s Nassau Club breakfast just 12 hours earlier, Wednesday, June 17, at 8 a.m. Networking begins at 7:30 and if you don’t want to get charged an extra $5, preregister at 609-924-1776 or

And be sure to keep July 9 free on your calendar. Esther Dyson is coming to town and will speak at the Princeton Chamber lunch.


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