No Tears Over Spilt Milk: Time for Job Creation Action

Everybody knows somebody, several somebodies, who are looking for a job and the often unacknowledged secret is that some of them will never get as good a job as they had before. Meanwhile entrepreneurs, who could create jobs if only they could get start-up funds, are being turned down right and left by risk-averse bankers.

Rather than playing the ostrich — tempting if you aren’t the one who needs the job — a coalition of help-minded people aims to do something about it. The Princeton Job Creation Forum wants to link business innovators (the folks who want to start new businesses) with sources of capital (angel investors, venture capitalists, and risk- bankers).

“The private sector must create the new businesses and jobs that will lead the nation out of the Great Recession’ says David Sandahl, a business consultant in Pennington who is working with the Forum. He’s aiming for a January date when funders can sit face to face with entrepreneurs to get some deals done.

Before that can happen, plans need to be made. To get in on the planning, register for the workshop to be held on Wednesday, November 4, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., at Princeton University’s Friend Center, the new engineering building on Olden Street.

“Our initial goal is to get a clear picture of what can be done to accelerate innovation that creates new jobs,” says Sandahl. Sandahl and his cohorts, including Karen Jezierny of the Princeton Regional Chamber Foundation and Len Newton, among others, have invited the stakeholders — including representatives from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority — to this session.

“Everyone is agreed that new business formation is the best way to increase the avilaibility of jobs. We want to accelerate the process by tapping the ideas of key stakeholders and get commitment to a solid approach.”

If you have something to add to this discussion — or if you are just plain interested — register for the forum. It’s free. For more info contact

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