Eat. Pray. Floss.

I’ve been getting some good, interesting feedback from the thoughts on turning 70 that I shared in last week’s issue of U.S. 1., which also has dozens of mini-profiles of “elderly” people who are actively contributing to the community.

Some of the feedback is from friends who, like me, fear that their personal roads are paved only with good intentions.

So I was intrigued to pick up WebMD magazine in the Princeton hospital waiting room (only there for tests, no big deal) and find an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, whose “Eat. Pray. Love.” book is famously being made into a movie starting Julia Roberts as Gilbert.

My marketing friend, Heather Stephan, tells me that the travel world is now offering Eat/Pray/Love tours of Italy and Bali, with one of the tours offering a consultation with a shaman who can remove black magic.

In the WebMD interview with Kim Caviness, Gilbert says that the book “seems to remind people of some divine and glorious aspect of themselves that they had forgotten to take care of as they moved through life….and then…they dare to explore that.”

Here’s the take home: Gilbert says that “when I take care of these things, everything takes care of itself.” Her Top Ten:

take a walk
write something
read something
don’t eat too much
spend some time in silence
send a message of love to somebody
drink water
mess around in the garden and..

That’s a good list. I had already instituted my own versions of six of them and so I added four more.

An aside: I can’t offer the direct link to this story because the July/August digital edition of Web MD the Magazine is not available yet. It’s a scandal that an organization like WebMD doesn’t have the current edition of its free magazine up yet. Here’s the link in case, by the time you read this, the issue is up.

One more Gilbert tip: “Just because you can do anything doesn’t mean you can do everything.”

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