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Thanks to those who sent blog posts and comments about Dancers in the Square. The count is up to four now — two posts and two comments, with more welcome.
Now I’m officially opening Princeton Comment to all comers. With my new post-70s schedule I may not do as many posts as before. So if you go to a Princeton Area business meeting — a chamber event, an entrepreneurial event — and think what the speaker says is worth sharing, take notes and send me your write-up. Keep to the main points — what surprised you, what you’d want to remember. Maybe I can use it under the headline “Guest Comment.”

It’s part of a trend called participatory journalism. We’ll see how it works.

As for events in the future, I’ll continue to preview some of them. But if you are a publicist of the event, the go-to source for future meetings and events is still U.S. 1 Newspaper, Send those notices with as much detail as you can to (if it’s a business meeting) or (if it’s a general event). You get the best coverage when you send a goo quality photo and contact information for the speaker.

In general, U.S. 1 Newspaper previews events and Princeton Comment comments on them. Whether or not you submit a post to this blog, you can comment on mine or someone else’s post. Just write in the comment section. The easiest way, unless you have your own blog or home page, is use the “Anonymous” choice. But you can still identify yourself by signing your name or initials within the comment space. Try it! Join in! It’s better than Facebook!

Photo by Stephanie F. Black

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