Can You Imagine — Not Feeling Pain?

Psychology’s cognoscenti gathered tonight at the home/offices of Les and Susan Shor Fehmi to celebrate the publication of his second book, co-authored by Jim Robbins, titled “Dissolving Pain: Simple Brain-Training Exercise for Overcoming Chronic Pain,” published by Trumpeter/Shambhala Publications.

I have taken Fehmi’s training at Princeton Biofeedback Centre and can vouch for its power, so I’m delighted that more people will be able to access this therapy with the new book. It comes with a CD, and some of the exercises are on the web, so it is indeed available for those who can’t find or afford to get in-office training with an Open Focus biofeedback specialist.

Open Focus works for me to reduce blood pressure. For others, it widens their peripheral vision or improves their golf game, and many of the therapists at this party number Olympic athletes and world class musicians among their clients. Fehmi uses the metaphor of a high powered sports car whose owner knew how to drive it only in first and second gear. When shown how to drive in all six gears, he discovers, “it is a much higher performance machine than I imagined.”

Photo: Geraldine Fee, of the Neurology Group of Bergen County, with Les Fehmi. Here are more pictures of the launch party.

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