Guitars as Weapons for Peace

The guitar is mightier than the sword, says rock star Salman Ahmed, when it comes to standing up to Islamic terrorists. As the lead singer of rock band Junoon, he uses music to provide an alternative outlet to angry young Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.

On Wednesday, October 7, at 7:30 p.m. Ahmed returns to the Princeton Public Library — where I saw him perform last spring — to tell and sing of how, as a youth, when he couldn’t make sense of the world, movies, music, and storytelling gave him answers. Now he passes that on to thousands.

He tells ABC news in this link, “It’s actually harder to build something from the ground up, help society. It’s much easier to blow yourself up.”

When he came to the library before, as part of a TedXNJLibes event, he touched my soul. I bought his book, “Rock & Roll Jihad” and am following him on Twitter (@sufisal). I heartily recommend that anyone who yearns for peace, interfaith understanding, and/or detente in the Middle East — and/or who likes folk-rock music — join me at the library on Wednesday night.

1 thought on “Guitars as Weapons for Peace

  1. Janet Haag, executive director of Fellowship in Prayer, wrote of Salman Ahmad's October 7 concert: "I am sure Salman’ concert was wonderful because he headlined the one we presented as part of our 60th Anniversary Conference in June! I wasn’t able to attend last Thursday but I hope you had a great crowd there."

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