Chunk of Trenton History on the Block

I happened to browse by the Princeton Regional Chamber website today, and under “News,” subhead “Member News” came across a seemingly insignificant item, “A-A Empire Antiques, Please follow this link to see upcoming auction. Absentmindedly I turned the digital page to see what Gene Pascucci of Empire Antiques was up to.

Lo, a huge auction of Laslo Ispanky figures. Now I’ve been out of town lately and have not read the papers everyday, but I sure hadn’t heard about this. It’s huge, nearly 300 bronze figurines, porcelain figures, paintings, and artifacts — the estate sale of Ispanky who died last summer.

Laslo Ispanky was a world renowned sculptor. He emigrated from Hungary, studied and taught at Cranbrook Academy of Art, and moved here to be the Master Sculptor at Cybis Porcelain, later starting his own firm. As you can see from the pictures, his work runs the gamut from powerful religious bronzes, to innocuously pretty figurines, to protest art.

A giant chunk of this area’s history will go on the block on Thursday, so I’m passing it on to you in case you are a collector (or gift shopping). Viewing day is tomorrow. It’s sure to be exciting.

Another art event, that same day, is the sale at Cranbury Art Gallery, 28 Palmer Square East, 6 to 8 p.m. Part of the proceeds will go to HiTops, a 22-year-old organization dedicated to promoting adolescent health and well being. Among the artists featured: Sydney Neuwirth, Joseph Dawley, Victoria Salvano, and Kathleen Maguire Morolda, the owner of the gallery (

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