LEEEP for Emerging Leaders

If you are young, or at least young at heart, you can help launch the Princeton chamber’s new networking organization on Thursday, January 13, 6 to 8 p.m. at the D&R; Greenway Land Trust, One Preservation Place. Cost: $10. Register at http://www.princetonchamber.org

This new group is called “LEEEP and though all the promos don’t necessarily say so, it’s geared for younger folk. I’m not sure what the cut off is, maybe early 40s? “Emerging leaders” is the catch word. So if you feel like you belong in the emerging leader crowd, check it out.

LEEEP will offer social, philanthropic, and professional development activities. Ronit Levy, of RHR International, and attorney Sandy Durst, are the co-chairs, and the board includes David Sears, Pam Weiss, Adam Perle, Scott Jurgens, Megan Johnston, Walter Hedrick, Fred Gomez, and Kari Barrio.

Oh yes, if you’re wondering, the three Es stand for Engage, Exchange, and Excel.

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