Brooke Shields: Absence of Narcissism

Brooke Shields was Princeton’s media darling in the ’80s, glimpsed around campus and in Triangle productions (photo by Y.S. Kim, ’87).

Hers is one of the few female pictures, along with Michelle Obama, on the Tiger hall of fame wall in the Tap Room at the Nassau Inn. Now she has made her nightclub debut at Feinstein’s and reaped a rave review from the New York Times’ Stephen Holden.
“The wittiest monologue was a reminiscence of her unconsummated romance with George Michael, on whom she had a major crush while a Princeton student..”
“The absence of narcissism in her good-humored, lightly self-mocking performance was remarkable.”
Can the traits of humbleness and modesty be attributed to her alma mater?

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