Journey to the Center of the Earth: Geothermal

Finally, I finished my 5,500 word account of our “journey to the center of the earth,” our adventures with installing a geothermal system, published in this week’s paper. After using a tripod and self-timer to try to take the cover photo, we enlisted the help of neighbor Kate Newell after the last snow storm to take just one more shot, the best. Thanks Kate! We were supposed to be posing for an “American Gothic” headline but we were smiling too much.

Read it here, plus there are sidebars on what it would cost you to follow suit and the hardest one to write, on how it works. Here is the PDF page-by-page with some photos.

Bottom line: We saved more than $5,500 over a fossil fuel solution. Thanks to everyone involved, including patient neighbors. And I am really glad to be finished writing this story.

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