Puppets Spin an Adult Tale

Jonathan Elliott’s review of “The Little Prince” in U.S. 1 sent us down to the Bristol Riverside Theatre last night. We were frankly thrilled to see such a tour-de-force of puppetry and acting. The famous classic, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and adapted for life-size puppets, was directed by Scott Hitz and had a superb cast.

We stopped off at the Kelch House beforehand. Because we were short on time we just had appetizers, and because it was still happy hour (until 7) the appetizers were all half price so we made out like Flynn. Get there by 6 if you want a regular meal. We didn’t even miss dessert, ’cause gourmet gelato was served at intermission at the theater. A perfect evening.

Which was the best puppet? The snake was wonderful, but we liked the fox best. Of course.

The “Little Prince” continues through Sunday, February 13. Don’t be dismayed if you can get seats only on the side; the sightlines are fine. And it won’t spoil it to read the review beforehand. I also want to add that, given such a strong recommendation I’d better say that we paid for the tickets. I’ll say so if we don’t.

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