DeVito: Town Hall for the Jobless

The article below, by Scott Morgan, was published in the February 9 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

You would think that with all the yelling, all the speeches about what’s best for unemployed Americans, and all the editorializing, people would actually be talking with each other.

Katie DeVito, who is intimately familiar with the realities of unemployment, finds the opposite to be true. Lawmakers are doing what they can about the state’s near-10-percent unemployment rate, she says, but the people who need the situation changed on their behalf usually have no real idea what those lawmakers are doing; much less how it will help them.

But there is plenty being done in New Jersey to get people back to work, and DeVito wants to make sure people know it. DeVito, the founder and president of NJ Unemployed, a jobs and career counseling and advocacy group based in Hamilton, has engineered a first in New Jersey. On Tuesday, February 15, NJ Unemployed will host a town hall meeting that puts the general public in the same room with state legislators in an attempt to let unemployed people know what is being done on their behalf.

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1 thought on “DeVito: Town Hall for the Jobless

  1. From what I hear, unemployment applications are down because it's so hard to apply in New Jersey. If you don't have good access to a computer and must depend on phone lines, you might give up.

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