House Auction in Einstein’s Neighborhood

Selling a house involves drama that is usually revealed in bits and pieces — the late-night calls an agent takes from her anxious seller, the tension of waiting to see if the buyer’s bid gets accepted, the terse notes back and forth when a mortgage doesn’t come through.

But at an auction, the drama crescendos quickly and is all over within an hour. That’s how it is expected to unfold on Thursday, February 17, when 17 Hibben Road, a 1927. Rolf Bauhan-designed Colonial Tudor, will be auctioned “without reserve,” meaning with no minimum bid. It could go for much less than its original listing price of $4.2 million. Drama is guaranteed.

But at least it will sell. Remember the Glass House on Canal Road in Griggstown? It too was auctioned, with less happy consequences.

This article is in the February 9 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. To continue, click here. Pictured, Concierge Auction‘s Tom Banner at 17 Hibben.

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