McCaffrey’s in the Swim

Just in: Jim McCaffrey will speak at the Princeton Regional Chamber breakfast on Wednesday, May 18, at 7:30 a.m. at the Nassau Club. It’s always interesting to me to figure out what new technique he’ll use to capture the hearts and minds of grocery shoppers. First it was offering a 5 percent discount on any order over $50 if you show your Arts Council of Princeton membership card. Then he started going into demos in a big way. (Today the Princeton store’s mascot demo-er, Ralph, offered brisket.)

Now McCaffrey is apparently trying to make a big splash with salmon. Today and tomorrow, on the second floor of the Princeton store, is a Really Yummy sampling display of salmon — the smoked and three flavored cooked versions.

My friend and I (pictured above, she’s Susan Malatich-Asack, realtor, chef, and gardener extraordinaire) tried them all. My faves are, in order, bourbon, white wine, and maple honey.

Adam Day, the New Jersey-based company rep in the second photo, says that McCaffrey’s has worked out a deal with Heritage Salmon to offer these flavors, in addition to their au naturel Atlantic salmon. Day’s pitch: no airline miles are used in the delivery, and it’s farm-raised in Maine and eco-certified.

Signing McCaffrey up completes the quadrangle of fascinating breakfast speakers for the next three months:

On March 23: The Honorable Helen E. Hoens, New Jersey Supreme Court Justice and Eden Institute parent, “Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones — One Woman’s Path to the Supreme Court.”

On April 13: Emeritus Professor Robert Tignor, of Princeton University, “Middle East Uprisings: How the Past Informs the Present.”

On June 15: Nan Keohane, former president of Duke and Wellesley, on “Thinking About Leadership,” her recently published book.

If you are in the neighborhood of Princeton Shopping Center on Friday or Saturday, try the salmon display. And on Sunday, McCaffrey’s gets into the swim of Pi Day with the — of course — pie eating contest.

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