So Cool I Can’t Believe It: The Pi Day App

Pi Day begins today (Friday, March 11) at 3:14 p.m. and tonight is the Geek Freak Pub Crawl. The coolest part is that the Pi Day folks (Princeton Tour’s Mimi Omiecinski, left, and Joy Chen of Joy Cards) have come up with a Pi Day I Tunes App. How great is that!

It has an events calendar and, to quote, at the bottom of the detail information will be a link to set up the event in your calendar, an address that will take you to a map view, a phone number that you can tap to call, and a link to a web site for more information.” Plus videos.

But I feel left out. I have a Droid, not an i-Phone. Why do all the app makers make apps for i-Phones? Even my own church did that. An app for a church? Yes, Princeton United Methodist has one, thanks to our geeky assistant pastor, Trey Gillette. It’s called “Princeton UMC Mobile Chimes.” Some folks just have energy to spare!

Will I have the energy to come to the Geek Freek Pub Crawl Tonight? The deal is, show up at 100 Nassau and get the map, then set forth to encounter Geeks of Yesteryear. It’s free, you just pay for whatever drinks you drink. Dunno if I’ll go. Duke plays Maryland tonight, so I know spouse won’t go. But I hear all the best people will be there. If not, I’ll watch Fox News, something I rarely do, but the newcasters to whom I am not related promise to feature Pi Day tonight!

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