It’s a Dance Weekend

This Princeton Ballet School summer intensive program school for dancers has been going on for years, and gathering prestige as it goes. The New York Times covered it in a feature article on July 8.

Eighty-five advanced students from across the United States, plus some from France, Italy, Israel, and Switzerland will finish their summer with a one-hour studio showing at McCarter Theatre’s Berlind Theatre on Friday, July 29, at 6:30 p.m. The program will include two works choreographed for these dancers: Bagatelles by Mary Barton to the music of Beethoven, and Forty Feet by Janell Byrne to Celtic music. Maria Yousekevitch has staged the Vision Scene from Don Quixote, and Katie Glasner, a former Twyla Tharp dancer, has directed the students’ choreography project. Tickets are $20. Call 609-921-7758.

It’s a dance weekend. The following day, Saturday, July 30, is National Dance Day and one can choose from not one but two opportunities.

Photo by George Jones .

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