Feasts for the Eyes and Appetite

This is a homage to two of the businesses who helped us celebrate our 50th anniversary last month in a wonderful way. In 1961 our reception was in the church social hall with tea sandwiches and punch.

Fifty years later, delicious item after delicious item (all finger food, as before) came out of the church kitchen, the work of caterer Ian Macdonald. (His email is As10en@aol.com with the number 10 — not an l or an o in the middle — and his phone is 609-532-6610.)

A partial list of the dishes: Beef tenderloin on baguette with blue cheese and caramelized onions, Smoked salmon mousse on cucumber slices, Seared Cape May Diver Scallops with mango & corn salsa, Asparagus, goat cheese & prosciutto in pastry, Jumbo shrimp with absolut pepar cocktail sauce, Candied dates wrapped in bacon with honey, Chicken skewers with peanut dipping sauce, Lobster salad in endive, Poached pears with candied walnuts and blue cheese, Stuffed mushrooms with pecans, Mini crab cakes with lemon herb dipping sauce, Baked brie with apricot preserves and pecans, Orange mango cake with Chambord cream, and Apple walnut cake with Disaronno lemon glaze. Thank you, Ian!

Another set of kudos goes to Joy Chen of
JOYcards, who is so talented at listening to people and intuiting how to translate their stories into a design. She took our very large amount of data and transformed it into a visual revolving invitation wreath. The fox nametags — her idea and design — were another inspiration. Some of us ended up with more than one.

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