Drupal: Open Source for the Web

Ben Bakelaar is scheduled to make a presentation for Drupal users on Thursday, March 1, from 7 to 9 p.m. in room 112 at Princeton University’s Friend Center on Olden Avenue. He is overseeing the Princeton Public Library transition to Drupal. “Drupal is good,” he says. “The community of developers and users are all very supportive and interactive. If you have any questions, you can always find an answer.”  For the article in U.S. 1 Newspaper, published February 29,

1 thought on “Drupal: Open Source for the Web

  1. Correction in U.S. 1 NewspaperIt’s a small world and sometimes — thanks to search engines such as Google — too small for our own good.Last week’s story on Drupal, the content management system that now has a support group active in Princeton, referred to David Hernandez Ruiz of iO1, a Drupal consulting company described as a co-host of the meeting.After the article appeared in print we received the following comment:“Regarding the article about Drupal, the writer got my identification wrong. I am David Hernandez, not David Hernandez Ruiz, and I work for the Institute for Advanced Study. It seems the writer must have gotten my name and decided to simply Google me to find out who I was. Not a prudent thing to do with a name like mine, which is very common.”It sure is common. Google it and you come up with a multitude of people, including the Drupal user from the Institute, as well as a baseball player with the Arizona Diamondbacks, a singer and American Idol contestant, a poet who won an NEA fellowship in 2011, a personal injury attorney, an English judge, and, along the crowded way, a David Hernandez who is a member of the Drupal Association but whose full name is listed as David Hernandez Ruiz. And his Google information lists his company affiliation as iO1, which in turn describes itself as the “UK and Europe’s leading Drupal consultancy” http://www.io1.biz).We thank our David Hernandez for standing up in the crowd and alerting us to take extra care when jumping to online conclusions.

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