Guest Post: Louis Baszile on Princeton Art Walk

Thanks go to Louis Baszile for this account of the Princeton Art Walk on Thursday, March 1, 2012

The historic town of Princeton came alive last night with the Princeton Art Walk.  My night began at the Arts Council of Princeton.  I used to drop my daughter off there for classes but never stepped inside.  The art was very thought provoking.  They were nice enough to offer food upstairs.  Then I proceeded to the Princeton Library where I saw art on various floors.  I was knocked over with the tile art in one conference room and a sculpture of a goose.  

At this point I was became part of a group of 8 people that proceeded to Small World Coffee shop where we gazed at art while hearing a band.  I saw a sculpture of a flying woman, which appeared to be made of saran wrap.  

We walked to the Firestone Library and we hear music from a bookstore that was part of the Art Walk.  At the Library, we saw incredible art on 1st floor and the most amazing children’s play area, part of the Cotsen Children’s Library.  It was a combination of FAO Schwartz and Disney toontown.  Just when I was ready to depart, I was given a tour of the coin and rare books area on the 2nd floor (editor’s note, probably the Milberg Gallery).   This exhibit is due to open March 3 but I was given a preview.  Amazing coins from colonial and even Roman times. I starred in a glass case to read parts of a letter written and signed by George Washington.  I found it very relaxing but the best was yet to come.

  I proceeded to the Art Museum.  The historic artwork brought back memories of my trip to France.  Many pieces were over 500 years old.  Food and wine was provided as I ended the night with good friends I had met there watching a live musical performance.  I felt I had stepped back in time and experienced 100s of years of Princeton History.  

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