Dancing Heritage

Do any dance aficionados remember Gregory Hines speaking at the then Trenton State College in the early ’80s? He was so eloquent, so gracious, and I’ll never forget how he urged everyone to dance with their small children ‘so they get your rhythm.’

I was reminded of that when I saw the essay on Hines in the new online exhibition, launched by the Dance Heritage Coalition (DHC) of America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasures: The First 100. It features newly commissioned essays, bibliographies and research resources, and curated visual materials. What a great resource! Thanks to the National Endowment For the Arts for this.

How to help your child get your rhythm? Let them stand on your feet — and then dance. My children’s feet were as big as mine when I learned that tip, way too heavy to be standing on me, but it’s not too late for my grandchildren — and perhaps yours.

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