Sikh Candlelight Vigil

A Sikh friend — an entrepreneur whom I met at Einstein’s Alley Entrepreneurs Group — sent me a notice that his community is holding an interfaith candlelight vigil on Wednesday, August 8.  The vigil is, of course, in response to the terrible massacre at the Sikh Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Michigan. There, also, people are reaching out to support each other. 

The Sikh congregation here, Sikh Sabha, has a 5,000 square foot facility at 282 Bakers Basin Road, just off Franklin Corner Road. Its  evening program will be as follows:

7PM to 8PM – Religious Service
8PM to 8:30PM – Tributes by:
• Lawrence Twp Mayor Jim Kownacki
• NJ Assemblyman – Daniel R. Benson
• Community Member – Jaspreet Singh
8:30PM – 9:15PM – Candlelight vigil
9:15PM – Langar (community kitchen)

Equality is an important tenet of the Sikh faith, which believes that those of all races, religions, and genders are equal in the eyes of God. And yes, that means that in this Eastern religion, men and women share equally, as well as rich and poor. At the Langar, the free community meal, rich and poor sit together and eat as equals. 
The Langar meal is an important part of the Sunday worship as well. 

An tenet of the Sikh faith that we can all strive for: “unity within diversity.” Amen. 

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