Kickstart Tech: Kickstart Dance

I first met Savraj Singh at an Einstein Alley Entrepreneur’s Group meeting– or was it first at NJEN? and then in September, 2010, at the World Day of Prayer (photo at right), where he was representing his Sikh congregation. Full of energy for his company, WATTVISION, he was struggling for funds. 

Earlier this year he emailed me about his Kickstart program. Kickstart is the social media version of asking friends and family to chip in on your new venture. An article by Lynn Robbins in U.S. 1 Newspaper re
ported that his company had raised $37,000 as of September 4

Good news! Singh and his partners (shown left) passed their $50,000 goal yesterday, raising $67,293 from 497 contributions, ranging from $1 (which gets you listed on the website) to more (which gets you discounts on the product, a gateway and energy sensor.) Some of the higher end contribution categories are still open. 

Today another would-be Kickstarter emailed me — dancer and choreographerny, Jamuna Dasi, the producer of a very successful annual concert at Grounds for Sculpture on Sunday, October 7. She seeks a modest amount — $5,000 
Says Dasi: I have been producing The Outlet Dance Project for 8 years. Until today, the dancers and myself have never been paid and I have barely been able to cover the costs of producing this popular, well-attended, and highly valued community event. This year I would like to be able to give a $200 stipend to each choreographer and not have to worry about covering our modest production costs. ‘=

It’s not the first arts cause to do a Kickstart (Robbins’ article reported on 4 local efforts) and maybe this is a viable alternative to waning corporate funds. The minimum pledge of $1 will receive a dance-related haiku, but sponsors of $500 will have a dance especially choreographed for them at any location they choose.  If Singh’s venture gives you the opportunity to be the next Rockefeller, the arts ventures let you be the next in the line of the Medici family. The deadline is October 4, the performance is October 7. 

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