There goes the neighborhood….

I live in the Riverside neighborhood. A long while ago I heard that the Butler Apartments were going to be turned into a parking lot. Now it’s a reality. Earlier, I posted about the university’s taking over Alexander Road. Now it’s coming close to home. 
As below, this letter from the Riverside Neighborhood Association. There’s a meeting this Thursday. 
Did you know that Princeton University is preparing to demolish the Butler Apartments? The Butler Tract (bordered by South Harrison Street, Sycamore Road, Longview Drive, and Hartley Avenue) comprises 33 acres and over 300 apartments. The demolition and future use of the site will have a major impact on the Riverside neighborhood.
Questions raised by this project include:
-Given the age of the buildings, it is likely that asbestos, lead paint, and other environmental hazards are present. What steps will be taken to ensure the health and safety of the community?
-Princeton University has announced that it is not currently planning any new construction on the site, and instead will use it intermittently for overflow event parking. How will the presence of a large vacant lot, used intermittently as a parking lot, affect the quality of life and property values in the neighborhood?
-Is Princeton University willing to consider input from community residents about plans for the Butler Tract? What are your ideas for possible uses of the land? For example, instead of an unsightly vacant lot doubling as a parking lot, could the area become a park, field, or garden?  
Princeton University is going to hold a meeting to provide information about the demolition and answer questions from area residents. All community members are urged to attend:
Thursday, July 30
7:308:30 p.m.
Lewis Library, Bowl 138
Corner of Ivy Lane and Washington Road
Parking will be available in the university parking lots located on Ivy Lane across from Lewis Library. An interactive campus map is available here:[]
If you have questions or are interested in working with other neighbors on this issue, please contact me. Feel free to share this with others. Thank you.
Sally Goldfarb <>
100 Sycamore Road
Chair, Butler Tract Demolition Committee,
Riverside Neighborhood Association

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