For my Canadian friends: h…e..r..e…..s….. Justin!

Justin Trudeau with his wife Sophie Grégoire, and children Hadrien (left), Xavier (right) and Ella-Grace (front). Photograph: Christinne Muschi/Reuters

The stunning news that Justin Trudeau is Canada’s new prime minister — what an exciting news cycle this will be, a combo of JFK (the young liberal legacy) and Obama (the unexpected outsider). Today’s New York Times front page story here 

Here’s a pre-election glimpse of an amazing life story

Largely out of public view, Mr. Trudeau studied English and French literature at McGill University and ended up in British Columbia, his mother’s home province, where he worked briefly as a snowboard instructor and nightclub bouncer. Given his tall, very slim build, it was an unlikely calling, but he said he “didn’t feel physically threatened because I don’t have a fear gene, I guess.” Eventually, following an aunt’s urging, he completed a teaching degree (my bold:: hurrah for supportive aunts) and taught French and math at two high schools in Vancouver.

The rest of the New York Times article here.

Among Trudeau’s campaign promises, to legalize marijuana.

I know I know, this post doesn’t qualify as Princeton-centric (a supposed requirement for this blog) but it buoys all liberal spirits, surely those of my neighbor expats, Steve and Kate.

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